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About Us

Wattle Publishing is an independent publishing company. Our
mission is to produce and publish a range of fiction and non-fiction titles that are innovative and inspired. High quality titles are the central ingredient to our
business. With a dedicated and committed staff including editorial, design and
sales and marketing we have the necessary skills to collaborate with aspiring
authors to turn original ideas into ‘novel’ works.

Wattle Publishing provides authors the opportunity to work with a publishing
house to produce books that will capture their vision and the
imagination of our readers.

Categories Include:

  • Fiction

    The categories within our fiction publishing list include sagas & romance, crime & thriller, historical fiction, science fiction & fantasy and teen.

  • Non-Fiction

    The categories within our non-fiction publishing list include art, food & drink, gift, history, humour, lifestyle, mind, body & spirit, music and travel.

  • Children

    We create fiction & non-fiction children’s titles for all ages that are entertaining and informative.

Our Process

Commission Ideas

The ability to identify and commission original high quality content. For a Work of great potential, we will even work with new Authors to develop their manuscript so that it is suitable for publishing.

Understand our authors

We are uniquely placed to work in a flexible and open way to develop titles with our authors. Authors are able to deal direct with the Publisher without needing an agent.


We maintain regular communication and feedback throughout the entire production process.

Market Products

We provide a unique sales and marketing approach.


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