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Feb 14, 2013 | Post by: Wattle Publishing Comments Off on Art Preview: Structure by David Plaskin

Art Preview: Structure by David Plaskin

“Erarta  Galleries  London  is delighted  to present  Structure by David  Plaksin.   A celebrated  book designer  and illustrator,  Plaksin  has  a strong  interest  in typography  and  a need  for meaning  within  his  chosen  imagery. Structure presents a new body of graphic work that melds his long-standing interest in graphic design with his artistic sensitivity to visual objects.

Working  as a book designer  during the Soviet era, Plaksin was accustomed  to drawing  typography  by hand and cutting and gluing shapes and fonts together to create graphic compositions.   The material quality of language is very much a concern for Plaksin – language for him is visual, oral, aural, cultural, and part of socio- political history.  Letters can be objects just as words and concepts can be eroded beyond recognition.   His overriding interest in representation,  transformation,  semblance, and ultimately meaning has now led him to conflate form and content.   In this new body of work, letters become architecture  to tell the history of a city, architecture  is reduced  to a lace-like  lattice  reminiscent  of letterforms,  and public  spaces  are haunted  by a vanished age.”

Visit: Erata Galleries: 1st March – 6 April, 2013


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