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The Demise of SS Corfu Island

About the Author
Born in Cyprus, Frixos Elia Sekkides graduated from the Kyrenia Greek College and studied Radio and Radar at Norwood Technical College, London. After spending fifteen years at sea as a Radio Officer, he returned to London, where he now lives.

The Demise of SS Corfu Island

Book Title:
The Demise of SS Corfu Island
Frixos Elia Sekkides
Wattle Publishing

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Finally, when I was safe in the dory … I glanced back at the SS Corfu Island for the last time … She had been built in Canada and had ended up in Canada to finally shed her crew safely on the shores of the Magdalen Islands: like the salmon that spent years in the open oceans, returning from their long and arduous journey against strong currents and myriads of other dangers, to their natal stream, primarily to spawn and … to die.

Frixos Sekkides was lucky and he knew it. Forty-four years after the above shipwreck, he returned to the scene, to say thank you to those who had saved his life.

As journalist George Gaudet says in his foreword: “the story is the story of a past without compromise, as open as the author, generous and as truthful as his faithful and prodigious memory”.

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