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Aug 13, 2013 | Post by: Wattle Publishing Comments Off on Fandemonium – Featured on The LowdownUnder

Fandemonium – Featured on The LowdownUnder


We are delighted that The LowdownUnder has featured Fandemonium. A big thank you to Aaron & the team!

The roots of Fandemonium by Rick Schindler

“Write what you know” is the writer’s proverbial first rule. So my decades-long passion for comic books was a logical jumping-off point for my first novel, Fandemonium, which revolves around a comics and fantasy convention. 

I’ve attended quite a few cons, and the creators and fans I encountered at them inform Fandemonium’s cast of characters — particularly dissipated comic book writer Ray Sirico. But Fandemonium is about more than just comics, and many other aspects of my life went into it. 

For example, as a media professional I’ve seen corporate takeovers and downsizings of the sort that propel the novel’s plot. As an entertainment journalist I’ve interviewed actors, which helped shape the character of bellicose actress Harmony Storm. Like Fandemonium’s striving artist and publisher Tad Carlyle, I’ve struggled to succeed in New York City after emigrating from the hinterlands (Carlyle’s from South Dakota; I’m from Buffalo, New York). And along with many other comics fans, I was once an awkward adolescent like the book’s youngest protagonist, Fred D’Auria, for whom fantasy offers refuge from often harsh reality. 

Finally, I’m an American, and few things are more American than comic books, which were invented here and epitomize the exuberance and bravado of the American character. And nowhere is that displayed more dramatically than at a con, the nexus between art and commerce, fantasy and reality, hype and hope.

Welcome to Fandemonium!

Rick Schindler is a Senior Editor and Writer for NBC News Digital in New York.

Book Review:

Fandemonium made me angry. This is because it came as a surprise. I don’t like surprises. The surprise was that a book about comic geeks and comics culture could be so well-written, so engaging and so much damn fun. Stop this man before he writes again. I hate surprises!”

Ted Rall, award-winning editorial cartoonist and graphic novelist


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